Our hometown deserves proactive representation in Raleigh that will build community relationships and get things done.

Born and raised in Onslow County, Dan Whitten has spent the last decade developing the skills needed to build a stronger community through proactive action and teamwork. Dan wants to make sure government works for you, nurtures your indepentent success, and inspires healthy growth of our communitites.


Dan Whitten is the Democratic candidate for NC House District 15.

He is known for his passionate advocacy with the addiction and mental health population, and has worked in the local Emergency Department and private psychiatric hospital. Dan is also a former small business owner and values the importance of small businesses.

Dan attended both Dixon and Southwest public schools where he found life-long inspiration from his educators Mrs. Hobbs, Ms. Midgett, and Mr. Foster.

Dan will soon graduate with a B.A. in Behavioral Sciences with a concentration in Public Policy & Administration. His goal is to get his Master/PhD in a related field of human sciences.

Current Community Service:

  • System of Care Community Collaborative of Onslow County
  • CAN-DO (Community Advisory Network Developing Onslow)
  • Onslow County Civic Affairs Committee
  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
  • Crisis Prevention Coalition of Onslow County

Public Education

From HEAD Start and Onslow Public Schools through our university system, Dan Whitten knows first hand that our public schools directly reflect our communities. Dan wants to open the General Assembly to high school students who are interested in civic leadership. Dan will:

  • Work to fully fund our public schools, especailly for at-risk students
  • Fight to pay our teachers at least the nat'l average
  • Work to rebuild the respect out state legislature has for our public educators
  • Open a direct line of communication between parents, students, teachers and the schools to help close the achievement gap
  • Advocate for the potential of our public schools and every child in them

Addiction & Mental Health

From suicidal veterans to our youth overdosing on heroin - we are in crisis. North Carolina cannot go any longer without a proactive voice in Raleigh for not just crisis resources, but ongoing outpatient treatment as well. We must also begin to identify environmental and socioeconomic triggers to crime, poverty, and violence. Dan will:
  • Standing against efforts to shut down detox and psychiatric facilities
  • Fighting to include Onslow County in the Drug Treatment Court program
  • Working to improve access to crisis and outpatient resources and treatment
  • Helping identify root causes of addiction and mental health and inspiring appropriate reform

Better Government

Many people do not trust our government, and a great wall has been built between politicians and the people. There is too much fighting over who's right vs. who's wrong and not enough collaboration and teamwork. We must work to rebuild the trust of North Carolinians. Dan will:
  • Hold monthly meetings where District citizens can learn what's happening in Raleigh via direct access rather than depending on media
  • Fight for a transparent state budget that is easy to access and understand.
  • Ensure districts are drawn by an nonpartisan independent commission
  • Insist on complete transparency regarding the funding of campaigns, including thorough disclosure of contributions from outside groups
  • Stand against closed-door meetings with corporate or private interests

" I will fight for the brilliant potential both within Onslow County and across North Carolina. From our public schools to those with addiction and mental health battles - we all have something to contribute. I will rise above divisive special interests and propaganda and lift up my hometown community and our great state."

Across Onslow County, we are building a grassroots initiative to raise campaign awareness and deliver fresh, proactive representation to District 15. 

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